Getting noticed in the age of information overload can be a challenge.  At Sputnik we take pride in crafting content that people genuinely like to pick up and read or click through and watch.

It's one thing to tell the story of a New Zealand company to New Zealanders.  It's quite another to tell that same story to a global audience.  When Powershop launched into its first overseas market it knew it needed a .com website that people anywhere in the world could click on and understand what the company was all about. This meant breaking down the Powershop story into bite size ideas that made sense to anyone, regardless of their background or experience.  Universal things like being beautiful, picking on bullies and having parties - that spoke far more about Powershop than volumes of annual reports and corporate publications.  

Fabric Magazine for ANZ

Many big companies like ANZ have a massive impact on our society through their work in the community and via their many sponsorship programmes - but too often these many small positive acts go largely unnoticed. That's a marketing tragedy because today's consumers want to know that the brands they're choosing are good businesses. Fabric magazine is an annual publication published by Sputnik for ANZ about the people inside the many different causes that ANZ is involved with in the community. Every year we're blown away by the range of powerful human stories we encounter as we put it together - scientists chasing breakthrough cancer treatments, talented young sporting legends in the making and ordinary Kiwis who help others. It paints a picture of a company that is made up of real people who genuinely care about their communities.