Co-authored by Sputnik managing director, Christopher Brown and social researcher Jill Caldwell, 8 Tribes is a 21st century reaction to the myth of the “typical Kiwi” and an affirmation of New Zealanders as a rich blend of profoundly different people with highly diverse values and attitudes. It examines New Zealand's unspoken class system - the value systems, the social affectations and the unspoken prejudices we all carry, which make us see one person as "one of us" and someone else as "not my kind of person".     

Since it was published in 2007, the language of 8 Tribes has become imbedded in the thinking of many of New Zealand's most influential brands and marketers.  The 8 Tribes framework is a useful tool for thinking about your brand and your communications. When you're telling your brand story, which tribes are you appealing to? If you want broad appeal, are your communications ignoring one influential tribe?

8 Tribes also makes a compelling dinner table conversation. Are you and your friends from the staunch Balclutha tribe? The status driven and high-achieving North Shore tribe? The intellectual and urbane Grey Lynn tribe? The well-spoken and entitled Remuera tribe? The community-focused outsider Otara tribe? The free-spirited opt-out Raglan tribe? The unpretentious blue collar Papatoetoe tribe? Or the assiduously avant-garde Cuba Street?

More likely you’re a blend of several. After reading 8 Tribes you'll have a language to dissect your world by and to target your communications around.