Power.  It's a grudge purchase for good reason.  Ever since the first homes were hooked up to the grid, the industry has done everything in its reach to keep New Zealanders as uninformed and uninterested as possible.    

Enter Powershop.  An online retailer using the internet to transform the way people buy, understand and control their power use.  When Sputnik was given the opportunity to tell Powershop's story, we knew they needed a voice that matched their business model by breaking the industry mould.  

We did this with messages no other power company had bothered with before.  We dug up arcane industry data and told the public what it really meant, like how prices were on the rise and why.  Working closely with media around the country, we've helped Powershop shine a light into the darkest corners of the industry to explain everything that affects power users in the clearest possible way.  

We also amplified Powershop's irreverent advertising and brand campaigns in print, TV and radio, helping reinforce CEO Ari Sargent's role as consumer champion and industry rebel. 

By keeping Powershop firmly in the public's mind, we've helped it achieve a share of voice that easily belies its size among industry giants.  

"From day one, Sputnik has challenged us to stand up publicly for what we believe and not to shy away from saying the difficult things, regardless of how unconventional or uncomfortable they might be for the establishment.  They get what our challenger brand is about and that our attitude needs to shine through in everything we do and say."  - Ari Sargent, Powershop CEO